Advertising Basics, Mini Briefs

Advertising Basics and Avis vs Hertz.

Stuart Blake returned to discuss the basics of advertising which are made up of the three following points:

  1. USP, Unique selling point.
  2. Strategy, What’s the plan?
  3. Execution, How will you present your idea?

Bonus points:

  • Public Relations, How will you manage the spread of information?
  • Originality, Be original to be eye catching.

Stuart also went briefly over the history of the competition between two car hire companies Avis and Hertz. He explained how Avis was second to Hertz but their marketing team decided to use that very fact as an advantage in advertising the company:

The ads speak for themselves, they talk down Hertz while simultaneously boasting about Avis’ high standards. The campaign was successful, however Hertz fought back with a cheeky, lookalike advert:

You can find out more about Avis vs Hertz here:

Mini Briefs

Following the introductory talk on the basics of advertising we were given some mini briefs in which we were given 30 mins each to come up with an idea for each brief. I apologise in advance for the poop quality photos taken using a webcam because my phone died I am sans camera atm coz student ya know.

NO.1 – Peugeot Scooters

The problem with product was that people see scooters as boring, whiny and slow vehicles; So to aid this, we aimed to promote the new Peugeot scooter as exciting, fast way to commute.

I initially thought about going overboard and creating a massive billboard with an action blockbuster lookalike image of a Peugeot scooter bursting through an explosion of smoke and dust with Chuck Norris riding it with Bruce Lee on the back with some copy around the poster.


However I favored a more conservative advert with a photo of an analog clock with a car on the end of the hour hand and a new Peugeot scooter on the end of the minute hand to represent how taking a scooter could take minutes instead of sitting in traffic for hours. The only issue is that this could apply to any scooter and not just the Peugeot scooter.

Scooter clock

NO.2 – Domino’s Two for Tuesdays

For Domino’s we had to come up with a promotional poster concept for their “Two for Tuesdays” deal they do.

One idea I had was to have hot twins, male or female (there could be two versions of the poster), on a door step with an open pizza box each. This would imply in a comedic way about getting two for one in the form of attractive identical twins and two pizzas.

Twins f Twins m

Another idea I had was to have the wheel of fortune but every prize is double your money. There would then be the words “Two for Tuesdays” to give context to the image and the logo then some T&Cs too.

Wheel of Fortune

Overall this lesson was a fun little introductory task and I look forward to learning more about the theory and technical side of advertising.


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