First Photoshop Session

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to know bad advertising when you see it, after all it is intended to be seen by the public. Our task for the day, recreate crappy ads.

Here are the ones I chose:

252507_b937_1024x2000 potgay tumblr_mdjifepnkr1r7pk2ko1_500

As you can see these are all pretty controversial, two of them include bloody imagery one of which someone is being killed. Blood is something you rarely see in adverts and I am pretty sure there is a solid reason reason for that. The anti drugs campaign takes a stab at homosexuals even though homosexuality and recreational drugs are completely unrelated topics. Pretty much none of these adverts make sense and even if there is a deep, philosophical meeting behind them all (somewhat unlikely), it takes too much effort to work it out in the brief moment in your life which you come across these ads.

Here are my versions of the anti drugs campaign and the Dettol Ad:

Drug Free Minnesota Light Drug Free Minnesota Dettol Light 1

Dettol UltraViolet 1

These are in no way finished results, just ideas and mock ups visualised in Photoshop.


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