Climate Concern Competitor Research

Continuing with research towards my first university project I explore other environmental

Climate Concern’s objective is to help people understand the risks and dangers of our carbon emissions, overcome some common misunderstandings, to discourage excessive use of energy and to explain the origins of unwarranted scepticism and denial. However they have limited themselves to only a few mediums. These include:

  • Their website
  • A network of speakers
  • Email newsletters


Greenpeace’s advertising campaigns normally take an activist approach and are usually targeted against some of the world’s largest corporations that contribute towards the Earth’s environmental issues. However, they do raise awareness without pointing the finger at anyone. Their campaigns’ succession varies, with some companies promising to make changes( where as others refuse to alter their ways for the good of our planet. Greenpeace’s campaign’s aim to get you to be empathetic for the planet’s future, your future, and more importantly your children’s future.

Here is an example in protest to end Lego and Shell’s partnership:

You can check out some more stuff by Greenpeace here:


WWF’s ad campaigns are very much like Greenpeace’s campaigns, witty, clever and aiming to shock you into sharing sympathy for the animals they want to save.

Examples of their advertising:

Here we have some interactive advertising. however, because interactive adverts are usually more of a local thing, they have made a video as well of it to reach a wider audience:

Off topic-ish

Here is an article on some mediums used in advertising. You can also check out the author’s opinion on each one which I used as a second perspective to help build up my own ideas:

A lot of charity donation tv ads follow the same format as this

or this

(The Guardian wrote an article on this type of “Poverty-porn”, I’ll drop a link here ’cause I’ve read through it already and think you should read through that instead of a copied out version:

However if you start from scratch instead of copying you can make a kickass advert like this:  believes that these images create apathy, rather than action. They host an awards ceremony which highlights both the positive and negative examples of fundraising campaigns. They also encourage people to ask themselves: How can we do it better?


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