Charity Challenge Ideas: Interactive

Interactive Advert

To create a successful interactive ad, I believe that you need to take into account the suitability for the location in which the ad is situated in. For example, for an ad in a park you will have a longer amount of time for the audience to interact with it  because a park is a relaxed place where most people are not in a rush. However, place an interactive ad in a tube station and suddenly the time frame for the audience to connect with the advertisement is very minimal, despite this, you get a higher footfall compared to a place like a park. In essence you are considering your target audience based on location too.

In some cases you can use your environment in clever ways by implementing the objects such as bus benches/shelters, car decals, building wraps, graffiti e.t.c.

To get your audience to donate, you need to educate them and make them aware of the cause they are donating to first, so you need to provide them with information. During my research, I’ve come across many websites (usually smaller charities) where the donate button/link/page comes way before any information about the cause and the actions undertaken. Why would anyone donate if they don’t even know what they are donating for yet, or if it even is working.

In an ad maybe a fact or figure printed on the advert will provide enough information, but you can make a more effective, engaging impression if you do something like create a puzzle or quiz as people like to be challenged. This way people can get, and feel more involved.

In a busy place where people are in a rush I thought that the advert would have to be either eye catching from a distance, easy enough to understand in the short amount they pass by or both. Some ideas I came up with were:

  • Using pareidolia to catch people’s attention (Where people see familiar patterns such as a face in objects where the pattern doesn’t exist)
  • Using a quick payment system as people wont have time to fumble for change as they walk past. This would have to be eye catching from far away so the audience will have time to digest and prepare to donate.
  • Using materials in a clever way to catch attention

I was thinking maybe creating an interactive ad in a park where everything is more relaxed and less people are in a rush. The ad would be a multiple choice quiz where all the answers are pretty high figures or really shocking answers but of course they are wrong. So the truth/correct answer would be an even higher figure or even more shocking hopefully persuading the user to donate.

Another idea I had which I’m likely to continue with, is an idea for a freestanding metal billboard frame with a glass tank in place of where a print ad would be. In the tank would be water. In the donation box will be a proximity sensor or something alike which can detect money going in. For each time money gets donated the temperature of the water is lowered from the top of the tank so eventually when enough money is donated, the water will start turning to ice. The ice will be retained for 15 mins or something. This is essentially an exaggerated representation of your money restoring the polar ice caps.


Another one of my ideas was inspired by the images of polar bears and penguins left stranded on stray icebergs. The idea is to have an iceberg with what appears to be populated with penguins at first however, upon closer inspection you’ll see these are in fact business men. The iceberg is melting and the only way to keep it afloat is too donate. The more you donate, the longer the iceberg will exist for. The people will be panicking to convey a sense of urgency and will hopefully also get the audience to sympathise/empathise which could lead to a donation. In text somewhere would be something along the lines of “Huddle together and we can make a change”.

billboard 1




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