Time for a Frickin’ Makeover

Current Logo

The charity I’ve picked for my project has one heck of an ugly website there is no denying that. (scroll through quickly so your retinas don’t bleed):

Screenshot (23)

Included in this we have the logo which is so bad that it made the logo cry:

Exhibit A

Joking aside, I think that having the Earth in an environmental charity logo just seems too cliché and obvious. When you talk about the environment you should already relate it to our planet in your mind, so I thought that maybe using the Earth in the logo is unnecessary. The colour of the text also doesn’t scream environment or nature to me. If you look at other leading environmental charities, their logos all share an element of green in them. Which leads me onto…


Logo Development

Leading Charities’ Logos:


looking at these logos we can easily see that the colour green is a common theme here. The connotations of this colour suggest being eco-friendly, “being green”. Greenpeace’s logo looks like it was handwritten, this was possibly a design choice made to infer organicness and the natural world. On the other hand it could reflect the “whistleblower” ethos they assume.

Logo Development:

I started by going through my library of fonts to find a suitable and more fitting one. Here are a few I picked out:


I thought it was interesting that wingdings came up with some related symbols to my charity so I just chucked that down here as a note to myself.

I decided on a font called ‘Nexa Rust Sans Black’ as it is bold (reflects the big issue at hand) and looks more natural than your typical font due to the slightly bumpy edges.

I decided to play around with the arrangement of the letters to make it look more like a logo and less than text.

changed the placement of “CLIMATE”, I brought it closer to “CONCERN” and shifted it to the right.
Adjusted kerning and tracking to make it tighter and stronger.

After I had played around with the layout. I wanted it to stand out more and be a little different, it still just looked like text so I added some cuts in the O which could reflect the damage we have done to our planet. It could also be a plaster to show the healing that the charity is aiming towards carrying out.1.pngAfter that was done I spotted a potential for a simpler logo for perhaps an app, also the name could be abbreviated to “C Co” pronounced something like “see – koh”:2

Next, I played around with some colours to make it a bit more alive because I was thinking that maybe black is a little too formal.


I eventually settled on these colour as these are the colours of our planet so instead of using an image of the Earth in the logo I thought I could represent it through colours. I made the bottom word blue as water is essentially the foundation of life on our planet. The green on top of the foundation represents the life on our planet. However I am not entirely committed to the graduated section of the O, it is supposed to show that the charity is concerned about the temperature of our global climate but I think it might be a bit out of place.


I think the logo could be further improved but for now I am happy with it.


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