To be Continued… (Brief Review)


Brief Talk.

I started this challenge as a bewildered fledging ready to face Digital Advertising and Design but not knowing what to expect. So many charities, so many categories to pick from…

Enough of that crap. I started this course hoping not to be told and spoon fed the teacher’s opinions and ideas like a puppet thanks to the appalling teaching I experienced at college. Thankfully, I was thrown in at the deep end with nothing but a blank canvas surrounding me, everything that was to be done I had to do myself. I didn’t know if I’d enjoy it at first but after doing it I have loved it.

So I started the project confused purely because of the seemingly infinite choices of charities to pick from. I settled upon a charity called “Climate Concern” which strives to inform and persuade people to save the Earth from climate change. I have found as a side effect of picking this charity that I take climate change more seriously whereas before I thought it was a gimmick or just a bunch of lies, this really surprised me.

“How do I raise awareness of my charity?”

“How can I encourage people to donate

money or time to my charity?”

Learning About Climate Change.

I actually came up with some ideas for some adverts before my research but I came up with a lot more and better ideas during and after my research. The way I researched was to find pages and then just skim through to find out the important stuff. After skimming, I would then copy and paste the important stuff into a word document with out formatting it or anything. Eventually I ended up with a messy but useful and informative chunk of text. With all this information on one page I could now read through it carefully without having to skip through different websites looking for things. As I read through, I highlighted any words or phrases which I thought could be turned into visuals e.g:

(the stuff in green)

All the research was then tidied up and but on a number of posts linked above.

Afterwards I created another word document and wrote down all my ideas including ones that stemmed from the highlighted stuff from my research. (the link to the document is below “Time to Brew”) e.g:

Screenshot (43)

(Having this many tabs open is not a crime.)

Time to Brew.

I collated some of my print ideas into the document above. Most of these were inspired by the research I did. However I came up with some during a sticky note brainstorm session, this mainly includes my ideas for the interactive ads I made.


I also created a really rough moodboard, this also helped me gather more ideas. Moodboard.jpgI also created a PSD file so that I could sketch out some ideas to make a note of them whether they were crap ideas or good ideas, I just needed to get them down.


Here is a link to my post about the interactive ad ideas I picked:

To make the ads more interesting I thought about adding touches based on location or time. So one of my ideas was to show how leaving plugs plugged into sockets uses power, even if the appliance is turned off. I saw these as “energy vampires” so coupling this into a Halloween themed ad would have been perfect. As for the location aspect, I had an idea which involved people running around panicking on an iceberg, the people on it could change based on where the ad is. One example is that if the ad was in Canary Wharf then everyone on the iceberg could be in a suit.


Interactive Idea

After planning my interactive idea and developing it some more I decided to create it in Cinema 4D here is a link my post about it:

Climate Concern Billboard 6.jpg

Print Ideas

I started by creating an animation in After Effects, the post detailing the development is here:

I also made a series of print ads for tube car interior panels:


I also redesigned the logo as the old logo was quite ugly:


I think the quality of my outcome was good, however I believe that there is a lot to be improved upon and refined.

For example the “Phew!” tube panel ad:

Phewis definitely lacking something. I thought that perhaps it was the empty looking windows of the tube car which doesn’t really fit in with the phrase which suggest a hot, humid and packed tube car. Also the image looks slightly cool, maybe a simple warming filter over the image could fix this. I think the tube car takes up too much space.

Another thing I would change would be the logo I made:

5I like the font I chose but the colours I have picked remind me of an energy company maybe the blue could be lighter and more saturated. I also think the gradient strip needs to go and get swapped out with a plaster or something else instead because at the moment it looks too much like a temperature dial.

I would also change the ice in the render of my interactive billboard to look more realistic. Currently it is too transparent and doesn’t react with the light properly behind the board.Climate Concern Billboard 7.jpg

If I had more time on this project I would have liked to create all the print ad ideas I had and I would have liked to make a digital version of the water to ice billboard.



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