A Kick in the Arse


Term 2 of the Digital Advertising & Design course @ Rave and we are tasked with the following:
Present the new collection. Create a showroom/lookbook of the products using the web creatively…then use a second platform to promote the idea and raise awareness.

I always start with research to get a sense of direction and where to go with the project. So I researched the brand.

Diesel is an aspirational (but not luxurious) streetwear brand. Through their risky tone of voice, Diesel raise awareness through provocative, innovative and witty campaigns.

Some of their clothing and advertising mainly reminded me of something a “modern rocker” would wear with a grungy flair. Their shoes are expensive but don’t really bring anything special to the table where some resemble Converses, Vans or even Adidas’ products.

Here are some examples from their shoe range:

Diesel’s ad campaigns are fun, sexy and “stupid” as they say so themselves. Here are a couple of sort of NSFW examples to give you the gist of it.

Diesel is not just apparel and denim: it’s a lifestyle”

When you see these luxury brands, you buy the products for the reputation and lifestyle they have created so that when people walk by you’ll give off the vibe that you have money, live a rich, comfortable lifestyle e.t.c.

After watching this example, people will want to live in a mansion, have a pet leopard, have nice cars and own Versace?

People will also buy outfits that they see their favourite idols wearing e.g Kanye. And will also buy stuff that they sing/rap about:



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