Light the Match

Coming up with ideas can be difficult. For this project I spent ages wasting time trying to come up with one.

Some of the crappy ideas I came up with were:

  • Kicking a dude in the footballs instead of arse (sooo original…)
  • Diesel shoes demolition derby (oozing originality!!!)
  •  Shoe romance story (wooahhhh there!)

After choosing not to commit to any of these I went to bed with the gears in my head still grinding away, I even managed to come up with an idea for my last project:


I went to a lesson the next day where I learned more about what to include in a campaign like this. I was told that the product should be the hero/main character of the story.

I created a slideshow just so I had a place where I could drop images and text so I could see it all in one place. (

Here I gathered images of diesel products, ads, diesel fuel, the manifesto, links to Diesel websites e.t.c

I wanted to do something with diesel fuel from the start, in a way, going back to the beginning, the name of the brand. The idea I settled on was to have a page of vats or cylinders with a model inside in boring work clothing. The tubes would fill with diesel fuel, obscuring and submerging the models which would be triggered via some sort of interaction e.g hover over with mouse, shake phone. The diesel would then drain away revealing the model in Diesel clothing ready to take on whatever someone in the target audience would do, like partying, playing a gig.


After some more developing I realised that this could be expanded to have a more humourous perspective by chucking in some funny “models” amongst the regular models such as an alien, chicken, monk and so on… maybe even have one model to be revealed naked with only shoes on from the shoe range.

This idea of hiding a mundane version and then revealing a crazy fun version is not limited to a sci-fi lab kind of theme. Potential themes include:

  • Magic Show
  • Science Lab
  • Circus
  • Inquisition
  • Shoes like dinosaurs

None of these are final as there is always room for development.

This project is supposed to teach us to take risks, to go with an idea no matter how crazy it sounds, a valuable skill to have indefinitely.



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