Test Tubes Baby!

After having my formative, I took the criticism I was given and started work on the mock up of the mini site that we needed to make.

Instead of using black, murky realistic diesel fuel as I originally planned, which may be perceived as repulsive and disgusting, I was told that maybe having a more brightly coloured liquid which could still be the amazing “Diesel fuel”. Another piece of advice was to use the rotary mechanism on the sketch of my mobile version, on the desktop version.

I took a screenshot of the diesel website shoes section so I could use it as a template to construct the main menu on my mini site at the top to make it consistent with the main site. The bar directly below however will be dumbed down slightly as the mini site will only be for the new shoe range.Screenshot (65).png

Screenshot (66).png

Above you can see, I have set up guides in Photoshop based on the existing site to help me form my mini site.Screenshot (67).png

The blue background was place holder for the actual background which I was still debating on. The next step was to create the main component of my idea, the test tubes. I started by playing around on an artboards document with the look of the tube and the way it graduates into one filled with “Diesel” fuel.

However, after getting to the final stage of developing the tube, I decided that it looked too tacky and that it was not the art direction I was going for. So I started from scratch again and tried to create it all in one document in the layout that I planned to make.


Nonetheless I was still making mediocre stuff so I took a break, had a look at some glass under studio lighting and started again. I finally got the tube I wanted and was happy with the result. Never has one ever been so excited by a virtual tube.

Artboard 5.jpg

Now the tube was complete, I could get to work on the layout back on the site. I duplicated the tubes and arranged them onto what would be a rotating platform. The reason why I chose a rotating platform was so that it resembled a centrifuge like one you’d find in a lab.





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