Yo how’s it going? I was meant to blog about the development of my mini site for Diesel and have screenshots of the development. However I got too in the zone and finished the site in one night and the other stuff too. So, I’m just going to post all the final screenshots here in a slide show. I will replicate images for decisions I made during the construction of the site.Diesel Labs Website Shitup.jpg

Here is my first version of the site, it lacks the footer and is very bare. It looks kinda cool, but there is no atmosphere. So, as suggested by my course leader, I should look into different styles of labs to gain some inspiration for the art direction I want to head in.

I looked towards a generic science lab and some movie and story laboratories. This included ones such as the ones in Transcendence, Total Recall, Frankenstein.
Eventually I settled on a futuristic looking background akin to the lab from Transcendence and also a panic button from a regular science lab.



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