Brandomatic Uni Student

Being given a new brief is both exciting and suspenseful in equal measure for me. For this brief

“You are to take on the role of entrepreneur, brand consultant, strategist and design studio.

And you’re going to launch a new consumer product.

Often referred to by the acronym FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) are a category of product that includes the consumable foodstuffs, toiletries and cleaning products seen in every home.

Competition is vicious amongst the FMCG brands and they are relentlessly advertised and marketed.

This constant bombardment of consumers usually results in their logos and associated imagery having a high recognition rates among the public.

You will also be assigned a target market/demographic at random and will need to tailor your design to appeal to that market.”

I was assigned: Dishwasher tablets aimed a 24-35 yr old males.



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