IndTlk: Giancarlo Bernini – WWE


Our first industry talk was provided by the Giancarlo Bernini, Senior Director for Commercial Marketing for WWE.

Through the talk he covered that WWE was:

  • Pro Social
  • Fan Engagement
  • Multicultural
  • Innovation
  • Family Friendly

Storytelling drives the brand of WWE, he mentioned creating compelling characters was a key part of their strategy with ongoing story lines and also being a part of pop culture is an important asset to have.

Giancarlo said that they use social media to engage the audience with content such as videos or gifs, they then use that content to direct the audience to their main site to introduce them to the other content and services that they offer. This is similar to providing tasters at markets to get people to come and take a look at your stall to see what else you can offer.

Using social media you can either control the content that gets pushed out or let people naturally push out user created content.

The brand of WWE boils down to three main points:

Powerful Global Brand



Unmatched Original Content



Large Addressable Market


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