IndTlk: Laurent François – Re-Up

For our second industry talk we had Laurent François from Re-Up

Laurent gave us a very professional and in depth study into marketing, behaviours and trends.

Brands are not our friends: “The majority of people worldwide wouldn’t care if 75% of brands disappeared tomorrow”. They sell by taking advantage of people’s dreams.

Story telling e.g “Red Bull”, you think extreme sports but in reality audience are people like students who smoke pot. Sell a story.

Some brands are trying to be part of the solution e.g Coca Cola are trying to be a nutrition business e.g Coca Cola Life, opening a hospital.

Extimacy – linking random people e.g Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat e.t.c

Being emotionally and humanly relevant is important in some cases to sell a brand.

Tap into what people replicate & why people replicate it such as selfies, hashtags, memes.

Starbucks misspell names on purpose to drive conversation and publication on social media.

“Cultures cross like ships in the night”

House of Cards killed a dog early on in the first episode of their show to drive away the unwanted part of their audience and keep the hardcore.

Differentiate yourself in the copywriting, it’s just as important as the visuals.



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