I was lost, now I’m not. This session was pretty helpful for me as before I felt pretty stagnant with the development of the brand.

This is the feedback I recieved:

  • Potential Logos
    • The name “Dishstroyer” as a logo
    • Nuclear bomb as a logo
    • Radioactive symbol but developed further
  • “Really like the name, I think it works well. Maybe you could really play around with the tone of voice and make it humourous. Make it something that people would instagram or snapchat”
  • Have the actual tablets shaped like the atomic symbol
  • Be bolder with colours? Stand out in the aisle
  • What’s the scent going  to be like? What is a manly scent?
  • Potential social media campaign something like: “What have you #DISHSTROYED today?”
  • Like the tag line “Shut the muck up”

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