Change of Plan

After two weeks Wilson and I finally came up with the idea to create a video as a study on people’s behaviours such as greed, curiosity. We wrote down the concept and variations which are essentially placing an object which seemingly is of no or little value. For example a  bin bag. This low value object would be placed in a public place to open up the opportunity for people to interact with it. However inside the bag is something of value such as money. This would be a study to see if people would first of all interact with it, then investigate it and then after seeing the “reward”, decide to take it or not.

We also planned to do a flipside of the idea by putting a high value item with a low value item inside e.g laptop bag full of stones.

Anyhow, we realised there would be issues around security, police and terrorism. So we were going to test the idea out at Ravensbourne.20160508_131444


Yesterday, 3 weeks in we decided to change our idea. This idea is to take photos from the news and expand around them with humorous outcomes. Here is a really really rough visual explanation:

Screenshot (94).pngScreenshot (95).png

So at first glance it’s your average news photo but in our version it reveals that they’re all next to each other at the urinals. Perhaps we’d include a caption about them taking the piss or something I dunno.


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