IndTlk: Andy Taylor – BBC Radio 1 / 1 Xtra

“I invented my own job.”

  • Experiment with social media
  • BBC Radio 1 is now a youth brand
  • Meet the audience where they are
  • Create variations/ different flavours of shows
  • Break the mold e.g:
  • Everyone is going to have an opinion you always have to be prepared for that
  • Being a producer is about creating amazing things by harnessing talent of others

Creatives – Problems come when managers create and creatives manage, but we are all both.

Talent – find common ground and a common goal

The BBC – hard to break into, hard to progress, totally unique.

“My advice to you…”

  • Not what you know, or who you know… it’s what you do that really matters
  • Don’t talk about it. DO IT
  • Work at the highest level possible, then build on that
  • Be prepared to be flexible and for your goals to change
  • Find how you can network – it’s important
  • Working in media is about people & content


  • Be indispensable
  • Be nice on the way up in your career ( don’t be a knob)
  • Give them what they want
  • Crowded ladder (don’t step on people’s heads)
  • Smile – be positive, nothing is achieved with a frown
  • Don’t be in awe of anyone, especially yourself.


  • Look for niches
  • Welcome new tech – enjoy & embrace new tech
  • demonstrate
  • give yourself permission – know when to stop asking for permission & just do it.
  • communicate, self PR
  • On YouTube, people or watch or don’t, but the numbers are self explanatory

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