IndTlk: Michael Whitty – Guinness World Records

Head of Pictures and Design for Guinness World Records

Michael previously worked for:

  • ACP Magazines
  • IPC Magazines
  • Teletext
  • The Independent

“When creating content for a brand like GWR, the imagery alone should be able to tell you what it is about.”

GWR release assets to media companies for free to increase coverage in the run up to the annual release of the book and it always works.

“When you speak publicly, slow it down”

Technological Change: Publishing Content (Cons)

Competition is enormous

  • Cheaper/easier access, lower quality/attention threshold
  • GWR = Wikipedia, Google

Revenue reduced

  • “everything is free online”, paywalls/paid apps = failures
  • Copyright protection impossible
    • Google images etc.
    • rival record websites lifting information straight (China, India)

Technological Change: Publishing Content (Pros)

  • Reach
    • globally millions more people can be easily targeted with a brand as well as GWR
  • Content is King
    • Constant stream of great content
    • records, photos, videos, UGC – mass majority utterly viral
  • Social media personalities are very GWR friendly
    • Facebook – showing off having a giggle
    • Instagram -sharing great shots
    • YouTube – professional and non-professional video
    • Linked In – corporate record rivalry

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