Architecture Research (Hoarding Design)

A quick glance at Pinterest brings up some intriguing examples of hoarding design:

IBM's smartercities:

This isn’t a hoarding however, it is and example of how the “fourth wall” can be broken and allow people to interact and experience advertising in a  practical and useful way. The designs here aren’t even complicated at all which represents how simple, smart and straightforward the idea is.

6 - the vast majority of hoardings seem to be god awful and clearly present a significant design challenge. I quite like this one but would be more interested in doing something that develops over time rather than degrades.:

Another feature to play around with is scale, usually unusually sized things create interest and a sense of unfamiliarity. In this example the pencils don’t have an obvious relation to the company which is estate agents but, the people would get “wow-ed” by the installation and then think “hmm, what’s this about?” and look into it a bit more and read the actual content.

London Store Barricade by Lizania Cruz - Barricade design for Anthropologie's new store in London. The logotype was raised from the surface of the barricade and covered with tyveck material to create a textured 3-d effect.:

Texture is another thing to consider when creating advertising for the development for me as the prospective feel of the place could be ‘translated’ from a mental thing to a physical tangible thing that you can actually feel. Another thing I noticed was the shadow in this photo, shadow can also be played around with for example a large sun dial could be created to arouse interest.

Temporary Living Wall for Construction:

Including something organic is another possibility which allows for a natural visual change over time. Although it is possible to do this anyways just a piece which is changed over time.

I also did some primary research, capturing hoardings around London to see how they do it.



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