IK Prize

I didn’t research. Very bad. However I did grind away one day, sitting in a tube station for 3 hours so, during that day I observed how people interacted with the environment around them and though of the features and possibilities to play with. Here are my notes:

Room with led ceiling panel which lights up according to your position in the room via sensor like IR sensors so that you can find things in the dark eg cutlery in kitchen (the light follows you). Also light up carpet which can detect furniture in room so that they can be object mapped and so a light(image) can show the path.
– movement
– scale
– projection
– reactive to user
– senses
– immersion
– emotion
– future
– robotics/ai
– psychological (Stanley parable)
– manipulation
– unfamiliarity
– unexpected
– story
– illusion
– fitting in (Tate Modern people lying down on carpet looking up at blank canvases and I thought they were looking at something because I saw a projector there. I thought if I’d go closer that something would become visible). Paid actors standing around looking at nothing?
– idea of nothingness, no sound after sound or darkness after image and brightness
– open door and it’s just a normal neighbourhood with actors being residents, art everywhere
-future, everyone is a robot networking everyone just plugs a chip into each other to exchange art?
-reminder for people to not take things for granted
Where’s Wally, over a whole room. Is there even a thing to find? artwork?

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