Collab Update

So after the formative the architecture students had, we decided to start coming up with some ideas based on what we had. For the Madrid site we started playing around with the shape of the area and tried to incorporate cultural diversity. As they hadn’t come up with any concepts for how they tackle the site yet we were limited in what we could play around with.

Here are some really basic ideas that I was playing around with first with just the shape of the site:

Parque Pattern ideas [Recovered].png

For the Brighton site, my group and I had a brainstorm session to chuck some ideas for the branding down on the table. This group had a concept for the project and a few initial sketches of what it could look like:


Their concept is to create a self sustainable building that is all inclusive. This means your will have commercial and residential all under one roof, with everything else from educational space to entertainment spaces too, just like one of those buildings in a film about a utopian/dystopian  future where you never have to leave your building… ish.

The main cause behind it initially was to bring in homeless people off the street and rehabilitate them  and give them a chance at being employed.

To come up with potential names, visuals and branding ideas, we thought about the values  and motives the brand would have.

Through this, me and my group came up with two key words: Revolution and hive. We came up with the word revolution based off the fact that the homeless are given a second chance, they’ve come full circle and can start fresh. Another reason for this is that it is currently a car park so wheels revolving are a thing and the rides on the sea front revolve too. Everything revolves around and in the building, I could go on but here are the ideas/sketches we came up with:

We came up with the idea Hive because we saw it as a nurturing ground for the homeless, those in education, businesses etc like the baby bees in the hive. It is also green and eco friendly like the building. The hive is also where all the bees come together to create honey which in this case is money for the companies there. We could also call it the Brighton Hive or for short B.Hive.


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