Render Times

So for the background visuals on the website, I thought it would be more interesting to use an animation which would also allow a user to see the image from more than one angle too.

I asked the architecture group to send me over a digital 3d model of the site they had developed so I could render it in cinema 4D. I imported the model, set up some virtual cameras and keyframed them. I added some lighting afterwards and switched on ambient occlusion and global illumination for more pleasing lighting in the render.

After rendering the clips, I added motion blur in After Effects as it would have increased render time in Cinema 4D by a long time. I also adjusted the colour in After Effects so the shots would fit in with each other a bit better.

Here are the rendered clips:

After I had finished tweaking the renders, I created some simple mockups of a web page to overlay on to the animations.

Instead of saving the overlays as PNGs and placing them into After Effects, I placed the PSDs directly into it so if I made any changes to the PSDs it would automatically update in the video. I keyframed the overlay and clips to move upwards as if scrolling down on a web page.

I decided to mockup the site this way as I was pressed for time and attempted to place the clips into Adobe Muse to create and interactive mockup however I didn’t realise it wasn’t possible, I even tried to convert the clips into gifs. However, Photoshop was being buggy as the method that Photoshop uses is a legacy version.

Here is the “website”:

For the brochure, I decided to use some rendered still images of the model as a background.

I used virtual cameras to set up the shots and set up the lighting to create visual interest, here are the shots:


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