Collab Logo Development

So my teammates and I sat down and had  a brainstorm session and we thought about colours that matched the feel and location, words that also matched or felt like the words they gave us so we had a rough foundation to start coming with idea for.


To come up with the logo for Brighton I asked the architecture group to describe their project idea in three words. This is so I had an idea of what to portray and exude in the logo. The words they gave were:

  • green living
  • opportunity providing
  • collaborative

However, we decided to look at the concept of taking in homeless people and play around with the words “revolution” and “hive” as mentioned in one of my previous posts.

We wrote down what we thought were the pros of living at the proposed building in Brighton:


We also discussed what colours we felt fitted the project:


From this we tried to think of words that fit the feelings we got:


We struggled on picking a name, we didn’t want to go with “revolution” as it has so many negative connotations and is kinda cliché. We wrote down all the bad things associated with the word revolution so we knew what to avoid. After that, we wrote the opposites of the bad words we came up with to see if there was potentially any interesting ideas in there. In the end, we settled on “Revol” I think we could have come up with a better name but we were pressed for time.

From this page we sketched some ideas for logos:20161202_234937

After this I used illustrator to start playing around with shapes, adding colour and mixing some of the ideas we had:

I started with an infinity loop to represent revolution or the concept of it. I started experimenting with the shape. Afterwards, I tried breaking it down into separate shapes to see if there were any potential logos in it. Eventually, my team and I decided to blend DNA with the infinity loop as I thought that DNA represented the building blocks of life, connections and revolving. The connections between the two loops originally were solid strokes but to make it resemble DNA a bit more I made them into dashed lines. I then tested out some patterns with the dotted line.


At first, I struggled with ideas, so I asked the architecture group working on Spain to also to describe their project in three words. They came up with:

  • Growth
  • Community
  • Development

Once again we started mapping out the sort of vibes and feeling we got from what they told us:


After this, we looked at Spanish translations of the words:


And then we looked at reasons to live there based on their concept and sketches they showed us:


After brainstorming I started to play around with random shapes but wasn’t really getting anywhere:

Logo Development-12.png

So I thought about the site itself being sloped and the client looking to build a safer, better and more efficient space for a better tightly-knit community:

The logo was designed to represent the slope & looking forward. I settled on using brush strokes in the logo to bring a bit of authenticity and an organic look to it so that it feels more human.

Asset 4.png


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