Idea 2

After my formative, I was given the advice that my idea was too complicated. I was told to narrow down the era into just one and that it would take too long for someone to understand how to use it, it wasn’t intuitive enough.

We also had a talk from Tommaso Lanza from ‘The Workers’ who are a digital product design studio. They won the 2014 IK Prize and have had plenty of projects in their portfolio which focus on interactivity. He has experience and has had exposure to speculative design too which involves a very abstract angle on design.

His advice to me was:

  • Don’t think too much about the tech, focus on the concept…”immersion”
  • Think about simple interactions that we like, for example, pushing the button on a pen
  • Draw a flow diagram of the way things will work.

I eventually decided to scrap the idea and come up with a much simpler concept. I still wanted to create an experience with sound and I recently came across something which I found very interesting about human psychology- The Kuleshov Effect:

My idea was to create a headset that plays random audio when you have viewed a painting for a certain amount of time. The reason for this is to try and push people’s interpretations of a piece of art into a different direction. For example, we could be viewing a large painting of a war and suddenly a car crash sound plays and the painting suddenly becomes a metaphor for a car crash and all the feelings and emotions associated with that.


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