Tate Quest

I have my idea now I just need to make it. I travelled to Tate Britain and filmed some footage bearing in mind that I was to track motion graphics over it. A list of shots I had in mind to capture were:

  • Look at device in hand
  • Look up
  • Device comes down over head
  • Start moving forwards
  • Big portrait with big blinking exclamation mark
  • Go up to it for a while
  • Speaks to you
  • Look for other person, scope gallery
  • Start moving, audio cues (hot cold)
  • Particle trail for the wrong path
  • Going to wrong painting
  • Finding right painting
  • Kiosk person saying thanks and bowing
  • +1 Gift shop credit?

After filming what I could. I had to create the “device” that I mentioned in the first shot. I used Cinema 4D to model the headset.

Screenshot (261).png

I created a cube and bevelled the edges, I then used the slice tool to create cuts so that I could bring the bottom up to create and ‘n’ shape. Afterwards, I played around with the shape more. Eventually when I was done with the body, I create a glass panel by flattening a cube and again slicing it and raising the middle. The strap was created from a tube which I then manipulated by moving certain polygons so that it ‘fell’ and looked more like a fabric. After this was done, I applied materials to each part so that it looked more finished.

Once the model was done, I opened up my footage in Premiere Pro cut it up at certain points so that the tracking system wouldn’t get lost. Then, I created a dynamic link with After Effects where I could do the actual tracking. I selected my shot and ran the 3d camera tracker.Screenshot (236).png

Screenshot (263).png

After the points were made I created a key-framed virtual camera and a solid. This data was then imported into Cinema 4D. After being imported into Cinema 4D, I placed my headset into the scene and lined it up with the solid appropriately.

Next I dragged the C4D file straight into After Effects to create a live link. After Effects has a plugin which renders directly in the program. However, when I saw that the predicted render time was over 24 hours I decided to try something else instead which was disappointing.

I eventually came to the conclusion that I should create the visuals in Photoshop of key scenes that were to be in the video. I made this instead:

The bomb


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