TicketMaster Briieeefff


– Ticketmaster 2017

So in this live brief, the aim was to design an advertising campaign based around festivals to help push sales as the festival season approaches. We had just two weeks.

Now the challenge here is solving the issue of creating some sort of framework for an idea so that the content itself can be changed and altered for recurring content over the time leading up to the festivals.

The first idea I came up with was to host a shareable competition that let people vote for contestants to win. On the mini site, there would be a song chosen by TicketMaster for the public to do a cover of. You would be allowed to submit either a vocal cover or instrumental cover and the top 4 winners would get their covers mashed up together. The winners would win either a VIP upgrade for their existing ticket or get a discount.


My second idea was to create a platform on which you would vote for who you would want to perform, for example, at your dream rock festival. There would be an artist information page and a link to Spotify so you can listen to their music. If you like this music or discover new music hopefully you would go buy tickets.


All this is great butttttt……I forgot the most important thing… ANSWER THE BRIEF!


I got so caught up in the idea of making something that is focused on people and something that is shareable that I forgot to promote the most important part first and foremost which is “sell more tickets”


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