Change of mind

After realising I had missed the main point in the brief I decided to ask my tutors for help. I was told to think of some insights to do with festivals. At first, I was a bit stumped, I have never been to a music festival before but  here are some things I came up with:

  • Festivals can be MASSIVE
  • Great fun with friends
  • A sense of community
  • Can’t afford

From this, I took the idea of festivals being huge and played on it. What if everything at a festival was made huge, if everything was supersized? Go large? or supersize your experience? Supersize your ticket?

Another idea I had was to play on the idea of it being a community. I thought of a festival being a like a mass place of worship where everyone comes to gather and celebrate.

I also considered the weakness in their brand currently. I found the mainly their social media promotion was weak and their site and advertising visual style was quite boring.

After this I started to create visual concepts for the new idea that I chose which was the supersize idea where you can supersize the value of your ticket by purchasing “the superbird” if you miss the early bird. To promote the concept there would be promotional visuals which have “supersized” objects in them from festivals.


After the formative presentation, I was given brief feedback from Ticketmaster:

  •         Fun creative ideas
  •         Would a group ticket get you a discount or an upgrade?
  •         Would be good to see where else you could go with this.  Think about the brief, are you meeting all requirements?

In response to the feedback I researched into their VIP promotions and decided that it would be better to do a discount instead because 1. it would be easier 2. it would be easier for people to become tempted because a discount is easy to understand.


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