For the second brief this term we were tasked with creating a film that doesn’t have anything to do with advertising and under the conditions that it must be either:

  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Musical
  • Sci-Fi

and either in:

  • The Past
  • The Future
  • Not the Present

This is a test of our ability to story tell. Initially, I wanted to create a musical that was unlike your typical joyful, happy, lighthearted musical. However, I decided that my plan to create an original score, choreography and film it might be impossible in the time frame we were given. I decided to create sci-fi film set in the future instead. Recently addiction to social media has been bothering me a lot whether that be myself or other people. Also, the crappy content that people mass consume nowadays bugs me too, for example, there might be a third party reporting on a new concept car from BMW which is fine. But in the video, there may be a shot of the car driving quickly and there will be a caption saying something along the lines of “it goes very fast”. I started to think, what if in the future everyone becomes addicted to this consumption of basic and simplified information and this sort of consumption is present everywhere you go or if everything was so automated and simplified that you never had to go anywhere?

I gathered some shots that I saved from my Snapchat that I thought looked good. I started writing my script and  I also started mapping my ideas out.

Here is the first draft of the script:


I started throwing ideas I had about the world and the look I was going for. I present to you the mess that is my notes:

Picture [2]Picture [3]Picture [4]Picture

I created a storyboard of all the shots I had in my mind for each scene too so that I could pop them into Premiere Pro to create an animatic so I could see whether the film would fit into 3 mins:

Picture [5]

At this point, I looked back and realised I had got too excited and in my mind had a vision of a huge sci-fi film with a whole load of backstory about organisations such as PURGE and how the FEED came to be, A man who defected from purge and why… and for a 3-minute film I was trying to cram in too much.

I saw this film as a good chance to practice my After Effects skills. This was my first time matte painting and tracking visual effects. Here is an example of how I edited one of my shots. First I put footage I took of a busy road into After Effects and exported different frames because there was a lot of moving objects like people and cars. I then stitched the empty parts from all the frames into one image so the street looked empty:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In those shots you can see I cut out the sky, I also cut out the trees to allow for movement because this is a still image and I was going to place a moving image underneath:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Coming up to the days of filming we had to change the story again. I was told that the actors were unable to make it to some of the days. So I had to adapt the script to have a more simple straightforward story to be able to accommodate the even shorter filming time:

feed 2.0

Here is my film:

I also had no idea that I picked one of the worst days to film, the same day that storm Doris struck. This severely messed up the audio and all our equipment flew away numerous times. While editing the film I realised my narrative was still too long and you can see in my final edit that some of my shots cut quickly because I tried to squeeze it down to 3 minutes. In hind sight of the entire project, I have realised that the idea I had in mind was probably for something like a feature length film whereas In reality I had to write for a 3 minute short film. I have also come to notice that making a film takes a LOT of planning long in advance to ensure things go smoothly.


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