2. Generator

For this brief, we were asked to create a short 60-second video about Generator hostels. For research, I took a look at what they already had. Videos they had, showed off the hostel itself, and the area the hostel was in (they have hostels all over Europe).

So instead, I decided that it would be cool to follow a story of a person, to have a narrative. I got this idea from the briefing when Will mentioned how people buy into experiences now a lot more than objects that they can own. I started to think the reason for this is because memories are what will remain from those experiences.

I then thought that we as people are who we are because of our own personal memories and experiences. Take dementia for example and how that takes away people’s memory that leaves behind a body that you recognise and looks familiar but the person is not there.

We are made of memories and experiences. So, as well as making us who we are they can shape us, educate us etc. They are very important.

My concept follows the journey and transformation of a character during their stay at the hostel. Yeah the hostel is cool but what they really want to buy is the experience, this also happens to be what will change them.

The shooting day was only two days after the brief was set, that left us with only one day to plan. Instead of creating a storyboard I wrote down a list shots that would convey the story I wanted to show. In the end, this allowed me to have much more freedom when shooting and framing the shots. This was a bit of a gamble but I had a rough idea for all the shots in my head anyways.

Here is the video:

Here are the slides to my pitch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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