3. Vidsy

Make a 20 sec video for social media which has a similar tone of voice to this existing video

Which has a Planet Earth kinda vibe. They wanted the video to have an aspect ratio of 9:16 and added that there is room for experimenting with splitting the screen and playing around with motion graphics.

Some quick overall concepts we had for a story were

  1. New Habitat
    • following the stereotypical London office worker and his journey into Richmond Park having never been to a non-urban area before. This would be narrated over by David Attenborough for comedic effect.
  2. Role Reversal
    • A person in a deer costume would have to adapt to the city environment and reinforce similar points to the brief to look after the city. We thought a comedic tone would suit this idea well.
  3. Baby Park
    • A person must look after the park as if it was their own child.

After deliberating on the suitability of these ideas, we all concluded that none of these were in the tone of voice the clients had asked for.

The video had to convey main points about protecting the park which were:

  • The Journey:
    • Show how close its proximity is to London
      • Some ideas we had for ways to convey this were:
        • Blink of an eye
        • Bike ride from London to Richmond Park
        • Side view, cut from walking in city to walking in park
        • Opening your front door to the park
  • Take nothing:
    • Leave everything you find in the park as it is
      • Some ideas we had for ways to convey this were:
        • Someone being disrespectful to the park but our protagonist corrects it
  • Leave nothing behind
  • Respect the wildlife

We decided to stick with a simple story following a typical London girl and her visit to Richmond Park, the bike, a sign of how close London is to the park.

I believe we could have conveyed this better by showing more of central London and its iconic landmarks in the establishing shots.

The film cuts between shots of different sections of her cycle ride there we believe the shots here were sufficient enough to get the message across.

We found it challenging to find ways of enforcing the rules such as tread lightly without repeating the main video that we were given as a reference.

I believe that is is hard to pin down the underlying message throughout the video until the end when it is written out for the viewer. That is something to improve on for the future perhaps.


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