4. The Degree Show 2017

“In 2016, Ravensbourne’s new identity was launched and it is our intention that this is integrated across the show graphics. However, it’s important that the Degree Show has an independent identity that works closely with, and is an extension of, the lead Ravensbourne identity, perhaps playing creatively with the college’s identity.”

For this live brief, we were lucky enough to be given a blank canvas.

I decided that it would be a good idea to look at previous years of the Degree show to see what was good and what could be improved upon. We looked at 2014 and 2015 and realised that the design for those were quite corporate and not very reflective of the creativity and design mindset Ravensbourne lives by.

We also noticed that the logo was based off the unique “Penrose tiles” that Ravensbourne has which we thought was not the right direction to head in for what The Degree Show stands for. The building should not be the focus of the show but rather the connections, collaboration and students work that goes on over here.

We looked at 2016’s show which was more fun and experimental, leaning closer to what we felt Ravensbourne represented. However, we thought that by using only one main colour there was no real visual differentiation between the different courses at Rave.


So after our research, we concluded that the two main points we should focus our concept around were:

  • Connections
  • Course diversity
  • Integrated Wayfinding

The idea for the first pitch was based off Harry Beck’s iconic tube map design.

These were the initial ideas we whipped up for the pitch. We were delighted to have won our position as the Creative Team for The Degree Show this year.

We had ideas to use vinyl tape to create visual guides to courses you wanted to visit this was based on the system that Japanese train stations use. However, this idea was dependent on the floor plan that was tbc at a later date.

After pitching and receiving feedback, we decided that we should perhaps steer away from the tube map aesthetic.

We took on Olly from level 2 Graphic Design to help us in designing the assets for the brand. We stuck with our initial visual concept but decided to focus on connections and the idea of different courses coming together at Ravensbourne. We took our original logo and refined and built upon the idea. This is what we ended up with:

Degree Show - Logo - CMYK(Low Res)

Previously we had discussed that perhaps the lines could be a ray of light refracting into the different frequencies in the visible light spectrum. Eventually, the floor plans were delivered to us and we saw that the courses were kind of grouped together. This allowed us to cut down the colour palette to 10 colours. We decided that the colours should represent at least some aspect of our lives as design and media creatives that we can all relate to. I decided that red, green and blue (RGB) and cyan, magenta and yellow (CMYK) could be used as we are all familiar with them as creatives. We added some extra colour to fill in the palette creating more of a blend between the colours.

The Colour Scheme.png


After the brand visual identity had been established (Guidelines here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw_XiEcIyRuveXh6OTNabjdBNUU/view?usp=sharing) we had to create artwork for vinyls, banners, animations, lanyard card designs and for many other assets.


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