5. WWE

After some digging I found out about the WWF name dispute and Giancarlo told us that no idea was to silly for them.

WWE is big on CSR and charity work, kids love animals.

My first concept was “a collaboration between WWE &WWF”. I believe this idea had potential to spread over social media as it is initially quite shocking and a rather unusual pairing.  Animals wrestling would create a lot of shareable content such as memes and gifs.

The idea involves animal themed tournaments with people in animal costumes with their real faces showing. The tournament would be run to help raise money to save the dwindling populations of endangered animals.

There’d be different themed rounds such an aquatic, jungle.WWE F-06.png

Even though the target audience are 7-14 yr olds, at the end of the day the parents will be paying for any subscriptions etc. So I thought it would not be ideal to air on WWE network, but perhaps on YouTube as it is more accessible for a younger audience, it’s free and shareable on social media too.

It doesn’t have to be filmed in a proper arena = low production cost.

Here are the slides to my presentation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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