6. Corndel

For this brief, the client wanted to raise awareness for a program they were running. Their program involved training bright individuals into any type of software engineer that a company would be seeking.

From this I got a few interpretations of them and what they do:

  • They are catalysing digital development
  • They are tailoring coders for you
  • You can grow your own coder
  • Providing the components for you to become a coder

Each one of these I thought had potential to become an interesting visual. Tailoring coders for you, I thought, could be a piece of fabric or a tailor’s dummy with what appears to be coding sewn or drawn on with chalk but within the coding would be lines of copy detailing what the company does or some words about what coders you can hire.

For the providing the components idea I thought that a person could be almost built of PC components or they could be laid out on a flat surface to make up the shape of a person.

The idea of growing a coder comes from how I saw what the company Corndel is effectively providing which I see as a magic seed that can grown into any type of coder you want.

Unfortunately I only had time to create one of these visuals due to my laptop crashing, even when I had to leave uni my new render still didn’t finish so I had to take what I had and fake the 3d in photoshop:

Packaging Corndel.jpg

I knew from their brand guidelines that Corndel had quite a conservative aesthetic but I tried to push that a little bit more in the creative and quirky direction in this brief.

Here are the slides to the presentation:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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