Portfolio Project.

Portfolio Project

For this project I collaborated with Vilde Tobiassen, we both wanted to explore a topic that we hadn’t touched on before. We both were interested in physical interactive design and also the idea of an unexpected outcome from what seemingly should be a simple interaction. We came up with an idea a while back about a corkboard that screams when pins are inserted into it’s surface but didn’t have time to actually create it.

We spent a lot of time developing and evolving our concept, however when our touchboard arrived we soon realised and faced physical limitations that forced us to think about was achievable at our level of skill and experience with the board. This was something that we weren’t used to as the majority of the work we have done is digital screen-based content. We looked at guides to get started with the touchboard.

The more we played with the board the more we discovered and learned how to deal with certain problems we encountered.

For our final concept, we came up with the idea of raising awareness for the under appreciated mundane objects in our lives by showcasing them in a glorified manner in something we called “The Museum of Mundane Objects”. The objects would act as theremins too which meant that you could trigger a range of notes to sound based on your proximity to the circuit. As a call to action to get people to approach the objects we created tiny picket signs to get people to move closer to the object to read the tiny writing. We developed some branding also for this concept.

We are planning to polish the design and presentation of the project for our degree show by constructing plinths with led lights embedded in the lid to really highlight the object in a glorious way.

This project has been fun and has forced me to think a different way than I am used to, I wish to continue experimenting with physical and interactive ideas in the future.


This is my old website.

Capture 2.PNG

After speaking to Brian I was given some advice, which was to start again. Since I last updated my website, I noticed I had shifted more towards motion design and moving picture stuff. I decided to start from scratch. On the homepage I wanted the images I had to span the entire page so that I could show off my work  as big as possible.

I have been consciously designing my website and discussing it with Brian gathering his feedback.

I went to a portfolio review with Roberto from BEAR who gave me really useful criticism, the most important piece was to have a bit more of my personality and thinking on my site. From this I decided to share a bit of my process on the site if people are interested in the way I approach problems.

I am much more happy and confident with my new website and want to continue to improve it moving forward.

My website can be found here: www.jordantodesign.co.uk


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